Application Error on Tablet while trying to open some application

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Hello experts,

I have this error on my tablet when I want to open some application. It seems like this error appear when I want to open the installed applications. The standard apps works just fine, the problem is with those installed from Android Market. Please help me to fix these applications error. Should I reinstall all the application again from Market?

Thank you!

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Application Error on Tablet while trying to open some application


I don’t think reinstalling your Android apps will do any good. If you personally install those apps from the Android market and don’t come with your tablet, it is possible that some of those Android apps are not compatible with your device’s operating system. Try fixing it by upgrading your tablet’s software to the latest Android version.

Connect your device to your computer and use the tablet’s software you installed on the computer to update its operating system. Once the tablet is updated, try running the apps again and see if it works. If the problem continues, try reinstalling the affected apps then try again. If reinstalling still doesn’t fix it, try updating the affected apps.

One possible reason why an Android app won’t start even if you are using the latest Android version is because it is only designed to run up to a certain version and any versions higher than that will trigger an error. So, if this is the case, the best solution is to update the app to the latest version.

But since it is no longer possible for you to update the app because it no longer runs, the best way to do it is to visit the Android market and download the latest version.

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Application Error on Tablet while trying to open some application


This is due to the version difference in the applications, the standard applications work fine because when you update the OS version of our phone, the native applications automatically gets updated to the latest version compatible with the OS.

You might have noticed when you have taken an update for your OS, some applications push you a  notification for an update, this is the reason, because many of their features are not available in that version, but if the application has so many new features then it will not work on your phone.

Please update your phone/tablet by checking updates for your phone/tablet by connecting it to the PC or from the system updates app in your phone/tablet.

The application can always run in the higher version but the new features can never run on the lower OS version.

Hope the solution helped you.

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Application Error on Tablet while trying to open some application


Hi, installing apps again from the market will not work in this case. First you need to update your phone software that should be the latest version available also make sure the applications you are instaling should be compatible with the phone. Then after updating your phone software try installing apps only from the official market and uncheck installing apps from other sites in the settings.

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