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I am using Mac Operating System and getting the following error message using Applet which shows the message “An applet from “” is requesting access to your computer”. Have any idea to resolve this matter? I really want resolution.

Thanks in advance.

An applet from “” is requesting access to your computer.

The digital signatures could not be verified.

Allow all applets from “” with this signature.

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This pop-up refers to a virus called Java/Boonana worm in the form of a java applet class. This worm was hosted on a site called "" and spreads via Facebook message re-posting. You should not allow it to access your computer, because once activated it uses Internet cookies for the social networking site to post messages of the notified account to other accounts with a hyperlink that refers to a copy of the worm.

You should follow these to prevent it in future

  • Enable a firewall on computer.
  • Get the latest computer updates for all installed software and an up to date Antivirus.
  • Restrict user on the computer.
  • Be careful when opening attachments, accepting files transfer, and links to web pages.
  • Avoid downloading pirated software and use strong passwords