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I came to know that iPad has a fingerprint-resistant screen, but then you said the fingerprints show up disgustingly. True?

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There are two kinds of touch systems, resistance and the capacitance. In resistant system you have to touch the screen little bit harder than the capacitance system.

In the resistant screen because of touching little bit harder in the screen you can see your fingerprints when you turn off the screen.

In iPhones they had a special oil resistance layer to protect the screen. I pad also had that oleophobic (oil-resistant) coating as same as iPhones. So all you have to do is firmly wipe them  with a suitable paper that comes for these kinds of works.

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The iPad, like the iPhone, has a capacitance touch system and the screen is protected by a special layer, which is oil-resistant. All you have to do is to wipe the screen firmly using a suitable paper that is specially made for such tasks.

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Here are tips on how to keep your iPad clean. This is necessary because even though Apple claimed that iPads have fingerprint-resistant screens, they are still fingerprint magnets. Though the screen is enclosed with an oil-resistant coating but that doesn’t mean it is already smudge-proof. You can wipe-off most of the fingerprints using a soft cloth like the one you used in cleaning eyeglasses.

You can also use a cleaning tissue that is chemical free or lint free. For a much effective cleaning effect, you can use a soft cloth that is slightly moistened. Just make sure that the cloth you’ll be using is free of lint. Another thing if you thought of cleaning it with a dampened cloth, make sure it is turned off and cables are unplugged.

This is just to make sure you won’t end up owning a fried iPad. You should also avoid too much moisture from accumulating around the edges of the screen to prevent it from leaking into the unit. Please also be reminded not to use any household cleaners on the screen of your iPad.

This can break down the screen coating that keeps it from absorbing oil from your fingers. It is also not right to use pre-moistened lens-cleaning tissue to clean the screen because the majority of these wipes have alcohol that can harm the coating.

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