Any one can restore 701 nbu backup file for me? Please !!

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Hi I am Mila Rose,

Anyone can pick me up please! I have got a big problem with 701 nbu backup file which I need to restore badly. I have got a Nokia 701 from my father, he had just come back home from the UK. He told me that he needs 701 nbu backup file to restore in his new mobile Nokia N8-00 and after restoring this 701 nbu backup file, this mobile phone will be mine.

I used Nokia Suite for 701 nbu backup file to save my computer and after saving 701 nbu backup file in my computer I formatted it from my PC software. When I tried to restore my 701 nbu backup file to Nokia N8-00, I found myself in a hell, I just found my file “701 nbu backup file” is only 5KB in size. But when I saw in memory it was 221MB in size.

Now I don’t have 701 nbu backup file in my mass device cause I already format this before. My father is asking me that when I suppose to give him his new mobile with 701 nub backup data. My brain is not working now, please let me know about any tools that can restore “701 nbu backup file” from my mass storage device.

If anyone can help me it will be remain with great honour.

Thank You all


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Any one can restore 701 nbu backup file for me? Please !!


Hey Mila07,

You would definitely glad to know that there is a way for you to get your data back in place and completely intact.

* You must install a software in your system DataRecWizPro preferable versions is 4.3.6 to get your lost data back in place. (Restored)

* The basic interface of this program is very simple and you can easily go through its simple wizard to restore lost data in any drive may that be a hard drive or a flash drive.

Note: Make sure you don't low level format your Mass storage device because this will completely erase each and every electronically saved data sector on the device which will make the device impossible to restore its data. If you have formatted your device on a quick level …You are in a luck.

Besides, while backing up a device you get an option to select media files like images/videos/music files (in your case 221 MB bytes are comprised of these media files too). So make sure to select media files to be backed up in the backup process (after restoration). If you get no option like this in Nokia PC Suite then make a backup yourself on your hard drive by copy pasting the media files (include hidden files too).


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