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Recently I’ve downloaded Angry Birds into my Computer System from Intel AppUp store but unfortunately I faced an error message.

Texture is too large: 2048 x 2048, maximum supported size: 1024 x 1024

However, the specifications of my computer system are as follows:

MSIx320 Laptop

Intel Atom Z530 1.6Ghz


Intel GMA 500 integrated graphics

As per my knowledge, I’ve made an effort to update the graphics card though it results in no change. Secondly, I have also made some changes to config.lua via notepad as [fullscreen=false] but once again, I’ve been hit by disappointment. Your support will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Texture is too large: 2048 x 2048, maximum supported size: 1024 x 1024

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Hello Rhon.

Looking at your system specifications, it is apparent that your problem is in fact your graphics hardware.  The Intel GMA 500 integrated graphics does not support OpenGL 1.3 or OpenGL 2.0.  OpenGL 1.3 or higher is part of the system requirements of Angry Birds (also Angry Birds Rio and Angry Bird Seasons, etc.).

To verify for yourself if your graphics chip supports OpenGL 1.3, try running GLview3 which you can download from here:

The Intel GMA 500 is used primarily for netbooks and business computers which do not need powerful graphics capabilities.  Poor drivers is another reason why it is unsuitable for use in graphics-intensive applications.

Hope this helps!