Android and Windows Phones and their rate of processing data

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What could be the possible reasons why Android phones are considered perhaps to be slower that Windows phones? How do one technically explain this in plain words or terms to an ordinary person or lay man for a better understanding? What goes into the architectural structure of an Android OS and that of Windows OS? Is there any technical advice that could be given to either Windows or Android that could go a long way to enhance their development? Thank you.

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Android and Windows Phones and their rate of processing data



Microsoft is a great tech giant but no one is pure right. Everyone does wrongs in his life, and so did Microsoft. I think, though they provide better performance, it’s their biggest mistake to intrude into mobile market and here’s why.

Manufacturing Windows Phone requires license cost to the manufacturing company where you can get Android for totally free, even the source code! Microsoft will never publish their source code, and so discouraging manufacturers not to use Windows.

Google provides all the SDK and other necessary tools totally free for developing Android apps. On the other hand, Windows Phone’s apps require Visual Studio for development which costs minimum $500. Android uses Java, an open-source language and Windows Phone apps require XAMP and C#.

Mostly, Android is clean shaped. Its home screen and other sides are quite neat and tidy where Windows Phone’s Metro UI has bumped everything. No one will like a garbage to start enjoying anything, and the Metro UI provides the most beautiful garbage home screen.

Even Windows Phones went so low on market that Microsoft had nothing to do but including Android apps to be run on those phones!

Android’s market has more than 700,000 apps where Microsoft has 500,000 apps. Microsoft is offering money for developers and users have to buy apps for money where Android’s almost all apps are free.

Even until now, about all smartphone users recommend using Android.

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Android and Windows Phones and their rate of processing data


I don’t agree that Smartphones that run on Windows phone are faster than the ones with Android mobile operating system because the performance depends on the hardware. Windows phone and Android are just mobile operating systems that are used to start the Smartphone. All processes in the device are shared by the hardware and the operating system.

When you launch an application, the speediness or quickness of the program will depend on the hardware and other factors. When you start your phone, applications are already running in the background. These are the programs that start with the phone by default which is normally set in the factory. These apps already consume part of your phone’s memory.

As you use your Smartphone, there are apps that even if you terminate it, it will still remain running in the background which you can check in the task manager. I’ve seen games that do this. If you just close apps and you don’t check your task manager, you might end up with only a small amount of RAM left because of running apps and this greatly slows down the device.

Even if your Smartphone has a fast processor and an excellent GPU, running the handset with a very small RAM as a result of running apps, will still result to a very slow device. This is regardless of the operating system your device has.

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