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I was trying to put a digital signature and password on my MS Excel file two days ago when suddenly the program shot a message prompt at me involving an Osppsvc.exe error. I retried it but it still keeps shooting-up.

Analyze Wait Chain - Excel.exe is waiting for another process (osppsvc.exe).

Analyze Wait Chain

EXCEL.EXE is waiting for another process (OSPPSVC.EXE).

EXCEL.EXE (PID: 3776) Thread: 3004

OSPPSVC.EXE (PID: 3916) Thread:-

The Analyze Wait Chain tree shown which processes (root nodes in the tree) are

using, or waiting to use, a resource that is being used by another process (child

nodes in the tree) and is required for the selected process to continue.

More about Wait Chains                     End process                       Cancel

What’s wrong with my document?


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Analyze wait Chain – Ms Excel



In the Win7 Resource Monitor app or CPU tabs you will find the list of running programs. If you have a process that is ''stuck'' or it doesn't work it will be highlighted in red. You can right-click on any process and you will see: ''Analyze Wait Chain…'' 

Click that, it will list the threads in a process that are blocking a source currently owned by another process.

After doing this, it will tell you who owns the process (who is the thread), with this kind of information, you will can take the right action by ending the child process so you will be able to continue your job.


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