All about windows send test email console.

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Hello experts,

All about windows send test email console. How can I send test email console in some windows operating system?  What are terms that I need to follow just to get and send test email console? I am having a hard time on getting the through the point of this that is why I need your help. Thank you.

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All about windows send test email console.


Dear Debra

I read your question and I understand that you need to know about windows console sending test emails. Windows console command usually known as MSDOS or just DOS, also known as the command prompt (the black screen)

1-     To get the windows console:

Open start menu on your computer taskbar and you will find command prompt

Note: In windows 7 & vista after you open the start button you must write command prompt in the search for programs.

Once you find it click on it and it will open a black screen

2-     How to type commands on the MSDOS prompt

On the black screen you will see the cursor flashing it means you can type characters from there.

The escape key on your keyboard allows you to erase if you type something wrong, the enter key on your keyboard allows to enter the command, don’t press enter unless you are sure of what you typed.

3-     How to send test email using the command prompt

This is useful to send test email and check if they are working or not, also to determine what is wrong and where.

Windows 7 and windows vista doesn’t have telnet command by default so you should allow it first by doing the following steps:

Open start, control panel, program and features then on the left click on turn windows feature on or off it will open a window for you check telnet client and telnet, then click ok ( window will allow you now to use telnet command )

4-     You will need to use the Telnet command that allows u to send test mail

Check this site it contains all the command that you need.

Telnet commands are so many. Kindly check these commands from

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