Eudora Client caused Plugin Error

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Hi experts!

From Eudora client I found a PGP encrypted message. 
When I opened it I got the following error message:
Plugin Error: %3C0880.0001%3E
"plugin no longer available"

May you please help me know what the problem is? I checked almost all PGP stuff and everything is running fine.
Also, I disabled email checker in AVG but cannot – it displays "active" all moment

I am using Windows XP Pro operating system and I use:
AVG Free v.9.0.819
Virus DB: 271.1.1/2891
Internet ADSL
email server is different from my ISP
Eudora email client
PGP 6.5.8
Zone Alarm

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Eudora Client caused Plugin Error

Hi Scott martin
1) first uninstall AVG temporarily (remember other antivirus program must be disable)
    and then Download AVG uninstall/cleanup utility from AVG web site and run it .
(please remove file from AVG program folder "C:Program FilesAVGAVG8avgoff2k.dll"
"C:Program Files (x86)AVGAVG8avgoff2k.dll") and check the download again.)
2) reinstalling the PGP eudora plugin, its good to find out new version of PGP eudora plugin.
3) re-install AVG 
4) remember never installed two or more security software (antivirus programs) same time,
The active components will conflict with each other. Generally you won't see the effects of the conflict.
but possibilities of errors, therefore installed only AVG antivirus.
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Eudora Client caused Plugin Error


I can give you a good solution for the plug-in error: %3C0880.0001%3E "Plug-in no longer available". You have to follow these instructions.

  1. First off, you are recommended not to use more than one  antivirus software . You are already using them without USB Disk Security Antivirus software, which you have to disable the first. 
  2. After which, you have to delete the AVG temporary file from AVG program folder. To delete the files, you have to go to "C:Program FilesAVGAVG8avgoff2k.dll" "C:Program Files (x86)AVGAVG8avgoff2k.dll")
  3. Then you have to download AVG Uninstall and Cleanup Utility to recover the software errors from the AVG website.
  4. If the above solution doesn’t fix your problem, you have to reinstall PGP Eudora plug-in. It will be better if you download a new version when you reinstall the PGP Eudora plug-in.
  5. Lastly, reinstall the software. But you are recommended not to use the free version. You should use the full version key from the AVG Lab.

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