Firefox doesn’t know how to open the address

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I am searching on forums regarding a solution on how to solve a certain issue. Most of the people in the forum posted a screenshot to make it easier for the reader and to understand the solutions clearly. I found a forum that will answer my issue, I clicked on the links he posted for the screenshots of his solutions, upon clicking, a new tab opens but it has nothing and the title on the address bar is Blank. And then it pop out an alert box stating that

Obviously, I am using Mozilla Firefox, Version 4.0 on my Windows XP Pro Service Pack 3. I figured that this maybe a problem with my java or flash player, but when I checked on each, it is up to date and both are running correctly and both are enabled. To check again for a possible solution, I uninstall my Mozilla Firefox and re-install a fresh copy from Mozilla website itself. I am unlucky to find a solution. I cleared the cache, history and everything, but that doesn't solve the problem. I want to know what is causing this error to appear.

Does it have to do with Firefox add-ons?

If so, what add-ons am I missing?

Please inform me.


Firefox error

Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (mhtml) isn't 
associated with any program.
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Firefox doesn’t know how to open the address


Hi I'm Kattyrine!

Now, your problem is very simple. Firefox does not support opening MHTML, or .mht sites.  MHTML or .mht is created by Microsoft to archive html, images, css codes, mail etc. in one place, much like a compressed files in RAR.  What you need to do here is install an add-on for Firefox called Mozilla Archive Format(MAF).  Download it .

Now go to that site and install the plug-in. Once installed turn it on and you can now open .mht files or MHTML's on your Firefox browser.

And that's it. I hope this helps you greatly with your problem.

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Firefox doesn’t know how to open the address


Okay, this works. Thanks a lot kattyrine.

I also download some add-ons for support on other issues.

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