After Apple Update, unbootable startup drive

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A month and a half ago, I installed a new SSD and everything works well. I followed all the instructions here and everything turns great. Last week, I installed an update from Apple but before doing it, I disabled the TE and re-enabled the kext. I installed the update and enabled TE again. Then I disabled kext and all works well. I did the same exact procedure when the latest Apple update came out. The problem is, the MBP was unable to boot up. I don't know what happened. I have an original installer of OS X and I'm not sure if I just reinstall it and start from there again?


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After Apple Update, unbootable startup drive


Try the any of the steps below:

  1. Boot in safe mode and try re-installing the OS again. To safe boot your device:
  • Hold down Shift and press the power button.  This can take quite a while to start up.  Reboot and see if the device starts up normally again.
  1. If your screen is stuck on the grey boot screen, try the steps below to get back into the OS X:

    1. Boot up in recovery mode – press the CMD&R key and push the power button on
    2. Open the terminal
    3. Run this command: nvram boot-args If you get a message on the screen displaying kext-dev-mode=1 then go to step 5.  If not:
    4. Run this command: nvram boot-args=kext-dev-mode=1
    5. Reboot in recovery mode again
    6. Run the commands below (Replace your Disk Name with that name of your device disk and there should be no / before the system name.)
cd "/Volumes/Your Disk Name"
touch System/Library/Extensions
kextcache -u "/Volumes/Your Disk name"
  1.        Wait until it has finished running (this can take up to 10 minutes) and reboot



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