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I install WampServer in my system. First I install this server at Window Vista then it is working properly but after some time due to some requirements I remove window Vista from my system and install window XP after installing window XP then I install again Wamp Server in my system then given error appear. Please tell me why this is working properly at vista and giving error at Window XP.

Aestan Tray Menu

Could not execute menu item (internal error)

[Exception] Could not perform service action:

The service has not been started


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Hi Shelly,

Will as you can see in your error message. That was inside your system. Because when you install the application in your system then install other application in your system. Will probably the error was not compatible in the system that you’ve been installed. So I suggest install it back the one that you uninstall in your system. Or if not and want to use the windows XP uninstall the application that you installed in windows vista. And install it again using your new windows.

If the error came up again try to find compatibility in your system using search engine. Or you can upgrade your application with the compatibility in your system.


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I think you did not read the documentation that comes with the program WampServer that is why you are not aware that it will not run in Windows XP. Whenever you install software whether if it is a game, a disk utility, an antivirus, or just a plain application, always practice to read first the documentation that is included in the installation files. Usually, the System Requirements are listed in the file readme.txt. All programs have this file in them. I haven’t had any applications or programs in my computer that doesn’t have a readme file.

Your problem is just a plain program incompatibility. If you are thinking of using the program compatibility mode to be able to run WampServer on Windows XP, 100% it will not work. Windows XP is an earlier version of Windows platform. You will not find Windows Vista in the dropdown list of operating systems in the Compatibility mode because it’s newer than XP.

The best and only solution would be to revert back to the previous version of Windows that is installed in your computer, Windows Vista.

Sharath Reddy

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As I found on internet users are reporting you should delete all other Apache and MySQL version which you have installed on your computer. After deletion of those other version uninstall warm-up then delete C:Wamp directory, reboot your PC and then install warm-up again and your problems should be gone.


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Hi there,

I have read the question of yours identified the problem causes because you may have installed other programs which are alternative to Wamp. So in order to solve this problem try these steps:

Step 1 – Uninstall all other extra software’s you have installed.

Step 2 – Uninstall Wamp.

Step 3 – Go to C:\Program files\wamp

Step 4 – Delete the directory.

Step 5 – Restart the PC.

Step 6 – Install warm-up again.

Best of Luck.

Taylor B Campos

Thank You.

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This error is because you are running an Apache server using WAMP.
There can be several solutions for resolving the error:
Solution 1: If you are using any of these applications , they can cause conflicts with WAMP. They are IIS,Skype, Zone Alarm, NOD32, Eset, Internet Optimizer, Google Accelerator, Xfire, steam.
Solution 2:
1) Click on ‘wampicon’  - > ‘Apache’ - > Open ‘httpd.conf’
2) Replace lines Listen  Listen 80 to  Listen  Listen 8080
Solution 3:
1) Open ‘Control Panel’ ,’Network Connections’
2) Right Click on ‘Local Area Connection’, Select ‘Properties’
3) Double Click on the ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’ lines to open ‘Properties’
4) On the ‘General’ tab, Click ‘Advanced’ button
5) Select the ‘WINS’ tab and uncheck the ‘Enable LMHOSTS lookup box’

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To fix this issue, follow the following steps:

1. Ensure that the following services are not running on your computer. If you have those programs, close it and choose Restart All Services from the WAMP menu.

IIS, Zone Alarm, ESET, Google Accelerator, Internet Optimizer, Skype or any other database server.

2. Launch httpd.conf from Apache and the alter the following:


Listen 80

Change it to :


Listen 8080

Save it and then choose Restart All Services. This will fix this issue.

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Your Aestan Tray Menu error just indicates that there is a missing file that is very vital to the software. I will give you a web page where you can get the missing software which is a prerequisite to your software. All you need to do is to get and install this Microsoft C++ which will allow for your software to work and you to get rid of this error.

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