Advertise on ad Google mobile search result?

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I want to put my ad on Google mobile search result. The site I am going to target is currently not develop as a mobile web site.

Please tell me do I need to create a separate web site or can I develop my existing one?

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Advertise on ad Google mobile search result?


Dear George rutil,

I think you don’t need to develop mobile website and you can develop your existing one.

There are many software today we can find those can help to add on Google mobile search.

And don’t worry, you really don't need to create separate web sites.

Thank you.

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Advertise on ad Google mobile search result?


Hi George,

You can certainly develop your existing website into a mobile website.

Following are the things that you need to take care of:

1. To Implement mobile style sheet:- It’s trying to adjust the CSS for mobile devices.

One approach to including mobile style sheets includes detecting the user agent string with the help of a server-side language such as PHP. 

With this trick, the website either detects mobile devices and other features a suitable style sheet or reopens the user to a mobile sub-domain, for example

2. Need to change with mobile style sheet:- You need to increase and Alter screen of your website while testing the same on a mobile device.

3. Need to reduce bandwidth for slower mobile networks.

4. Besides addressing screen size and bandwidth concerns, there are other changes that should be made in any mobile style sheet. First, you need to improve readability by increasing the font size of any small or medium-sized text.

As we know clicking is generally less functional on mobile devices, so we need to make sure to increase the clickable areas of any important buttons or links by setting display: block and adding padding to the clickable elements.

5. Finally, mouse over position do not work with most mobile gadgets, so need to make sure to have proper definitions of: active-states.

Hope this helps.


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