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Online backup is the best way to protect important documents and other media files from the foreseeable. 

What are the disadvantages and advantages of having an online backup service?

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Every thing has both sides such as advantage and disadvantage.

So there have also advantage and disadvantage of online backup.

Here following the advantage of online backup:

  1. We can get back our data in any time
  2. Virus can not attack or malware can not affect to online data.
  3. There have virtual file sharing system for online data
  4. It saves time and money.

Here following the disadvantage of online data backup:

  1. Data may delete any time from server.
  2. Intruders can modify server for steal data
  3. Online data can break your privacy
  4. You must have need internet for store data in online, that are an extra charge for you,


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Dear April Rosas:

A blessed day to you and to your family!

Here are the things that i can share to your concerned:

Advantages online back up services:

1. It is easy for you to save your work when you are online

2. It is easy to look for an additional information from other website needed to add to your documents

3. It  is easy to save from online documents, when you have ready storage folder to save the files.

Disadvantages online back up services:

1. It might cause you problem when you forgot to save your file from online website during light off without notice.

2. It's difficult for you to retrieve the files when you forgot to save the same  file name, better you must have ready storage folder for the future.

3. If you forgot to click your online anti-virus, your work in documents might affected the virus.

Hope everything is clear for you.

Truly yours,

Mary Jessette M. Acedilla