Adobe reader in internet explorer 8

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Hello all

I am using windows 7 RC on my system with internet explorer 8. I am facing a problem in viewing a PDF file in internet explorer 8. I am not even able to open the files. When I download a PDF file and try to open it in adobe reader, it opens successfully and same is the case when I try to view it in Firefox but when I try to open it in windows explorer 8, I am met with an error. The screenshot of the error is as follows:



Adobe Reader

Now what kind of an error is this which is completely blank. It is not directing me in any direction. Can someone please tell me what should I do to remove this error?

Waiting for your helpful suggestions

Thanking you loads


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Adobe reader in internet explorer 8


Hello Trevor,

I have experienced a similar problem when using internet explorer. In my case, the internet explorer version that I was using was outdated and therefore I had to update it. So I will recommend that you update your internet explorer just in case it might be having the same problem as mine had.

The internet explorer you are using may also be having bugs and therefore causing such problems when you want to open PDF files. To fix the bugs, install an application called CCleaner on your computer and then run it to fix the bugs that may be in the registry files of internet explorer as well as other applications on your system.

If it still brings the same problem after you have tried the fixes above, I will recommend that you use a alternative browser like Firefox.



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Adobe reader in internet explorer 8


Most of the time, when having error or problems using internet browser, the first thing that you can do to fix error is to clear browser history, cache etc. Sometimes browsers show error when the history was already messy. To do that, just go to Safety from menu bar, then click “Clear browser History”, but if the error still showing, check your internet connection. Loading PDF file needs much higher connection to be loaded.

Try also using another browser if it can load PDF files. If not, the connection is the problem or the PDF file itself that you want to load. But if you can load it to another browser and you cannot load it to internet explorer, the problem in on your internet explorer. Try to re-install or download latest version.

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Adobe reader in internet explorer 8


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 was released after development for Adobe Reader X was complete. While we made every effort to anticipate the way the final release version of IE9 would behave, our PDF viewer plugin is not yet compatible with IE9. This is being worked on by our engineering department. In the interim, when trying to open a PDF file from the browser, save it locally to your computer and open it directly in Adobe Reader.

Moving forward, please continue to install updates to Adobe Reader X as they become available. When this issue has been resolved, it will be pushed via an update.

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