Adobe Reader Expected a dict object

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Hi readers,

I received, and email with an attachment, it is a registration form saved on a PDF file, so I open the file using my internet explorer browser, an error message appeared in my screen, the error message saying something about dict. object, I don't understand the error, I pasted below the error message.

Adobe Reader Expected a dict object.

Adobe Reader

Expected a dict object.

As I guess on the error, there something wrong with the collaboration with my browser and adobe acrobat reader, But I don't have any idea on how to fix such error, I remember days ago, I managed to open files with my adobe reader without any problem, please share some ideas on how to fix my problem.

Have a great day!

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Adobe Reader Expected a dict object



This message:” Adobe Reader. Expected a Dict object” is like a script error in which Dict object requires running something.
You need to disable the Fast View setup and the display PDF browser setup.
Here’s how:
Close all the browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).
Then Open your Adobe Reader and Go to Edit > Preferences. In the left panel choose Internet. And on the right side, Uncheck “AllowFast web view” and “Display PDF in browser. ” This process will display the file in a separate window and not on your browser.
If the above steps don’t help then you need to try installing the MS08-024—which is the cumulative security update for Internet Explorer.
For more details check this link: It shows why on some instances some PDF files cannot be view in Internet Explorer 7 or IE6. See if it works.
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Adobe Reader Expected a dict object


Hi dear User,

The problem you just shared in adobe reader application is a kind of error that is relevant to the reading of the script on the file so it is called as script error also because dict is the other name of the script.

Now for the resolution of the problem you need to first close your browser and then open adobe reader and then select out the preferences option in edit menu where a sub menu will be opened.

On the left side you scroll down and go and select the internet option here you need to do the alterations to fix the problem uncheck the option of allow fast web view and display PDF in browser options.

After doing all these changes you just click the ok option and try again hope that you will not face any such problem.

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Adobe Reader Expected a dict object


In the event that you get an error message from Adobe Acrobat saying "Expected a dict. object" , you will need to disable the fast view, and Display PDF in browser options as follows:

  • First of all you will close your browser.
  • And then you will open Adobe Reader.
  • After that you will need to go to the Edit menu and then select Preferences.
  • After that go to the left column and then select Internet.
  • And then you'll uncheck "Allow fast web view".
  • Also "uncheck Display PDF in browser".
  • And then click OK, and try again.



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