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     My adobe illustrator was working fine a couple of days ago, but now I get an error when I open illustrator.

The application Illustrator has unexpectedly quit.

The system and other applications have not been affected. A report has been created that you can send to Adobe to help identify the problem.

I tried to use the shift+ctrl+option+apple when double clicking to open. It didn’t help at all. I research a bit on the net and I saw that it might have to do with caches. I tried to follow the instructions given, but iam not exactly sure how to fix it. I still get the same results. Can someone give me a step by step guide to fixing this.


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For this kind of problem. Open Illustrator. Edit/Preferences/Plug in and Scratch disk. Now select a primary or secondary drive and make sure you have enough space for this. Now close preferences. Go To C\Windows\Prefetch. Now delete Illustrator. Exe. Now update your Illustrator and run it...!!!!!

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If while using Adobe Illustrator the application suddenly quits for no reason, try opening it again. It might just be a glitch or a fluke on the system. If on the second try the application closes again, try restarting the computer and open the application again. If the problem is still the same, try completely uninstalling Adobe Illustrator and then install it back. This will fix any corrupted files in the installation and will restore its settings back to default. Open the application again after reinstalling it and see if it works. If the problem did not changed, try upgrading your current version of Adobe Illustrator to a newer version that is compatible with your operating system.

You may also try checking your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application when checking the system. Any errors in the file system of the hard drive can cause different problems to applications and cause various errors on the system.

Sharath Reddy

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Hello dear,

Actually what my experience says is that this type of error comes when there is a problem of any corrupted file. Here you need to reinstall again that software because this error message shows that there is an error of any file. Many times we don’t know but because of some viruses there are some files which are sensitive ones and directly affected by the viruses. So you have to install a good antivirus and then scan that software. If you already have then scan all files of that software and then try to open it.

The best solution for you is that you can install again this software by downloading it again from a nice source.