VirtualDJ file decompressing error message requiring contiguous memory.

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Hi experts,

Decompressing this file in memory would require 75MB of contiguous memory.

Your system has a total of 1619MB available free segments (out of the 4095MB), and they are too fragmented to hold a contiguous buffer.

Therefore, the song will be loaded on-the-fly from the drive (and the full waveform preview will not be available)

It is needless to mention that I have attempted to decompress with some other layouts like .mps, but they all show a similar error message. Also this error shows with video formats.

Need your help. Please. Thanks in advance.

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VirtualDJ file decompressing error message requiring contiguous memory.


This is actually not an error in VirtualDJ, I think. This problem usually arises when the application accesses external files like videos and others.

If you frequently encounter this problem when using VirtualDJ, be sure that your computer has plenty of resources for the application to use. If you have other applications running, close it.

Avoid opening other applications when using VirtualDJ so that this application has exclusive access to the machine and all of its resources like the RAM and the processor.

If the processor is working on other applications while VirtualDJ is running, this could slow down the machine and the utilization of the resources is divided to the amount of programs running.

If closing other open applications did not help, try restarting the computer. After Windows has booted, don’t open any other applications besides VirtualDJ so you will have a fresh system for the application to use.

Or, you may try completely uninstalling the application and then install it back to fix any corrupted files in the installation and to restore its settings back to default including some that you might have customized.

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