Adobe Illustrator shift key won’t work

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I am Tony Lucas, and I am very much into Photography and Photo Editing.

I have been using Adobe Illustrator for months now, and suddenly I am caught up into one of its keys to work with.

Yeah, I am talking about the shift key. It was working fine, but I just don’t know if there are keys I have pressed to make it act up.

I am using the shift key to detain several objects, constrict sections, scale objects and the likes.

I guess this should be Adobe Illustrator’s issue, and not the keyboard as the other functions of shift key is working on another program.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Adobe Illustrator shift key won’t work


There can be two issues related with this problem.

First can b the preferences issue it can be solved by deleting the preferences (Ctrl+Alt+Shift = Cmd+Option+Shift).or go into Library > Preferences > Illustrator Preferences and throw them in the trash. You can reset all of your preferences the way you want them.

Second one is software conflict.

As u didn’t mention your operating system so there is a list of possible software that cause this problem in Win and Mac:


 Quicken (Widget)

 To fix

Open Quicken

Click on the One-Step button in the tool bar or select Online->One Step Update…

Click the Scheduled Updates tab

Uncheck each and every item

Quit Quicken and restart your Mac


 Google Earth


Some Fire fox Add-ons

There are some troublesome Fire fox Add-ons. Download a fresh copy of fire fox and restart your computer.

Spotlight (shortcuts)





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