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Hello! I have installed and uninstalled Adobe Air for several times just to get rid of the Action Script Error with error number 2012.

However, I am still getting the same error when trying to access the Document Folder and I logged into the computer with a minimum permissions.

I need help in accessing the folder from the Windows Explorer.

Thank You!


Adobe AIR     
An Action Script error has occurred:     
Error: Error #2014: Feature is not available at this time.     

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This error arises because user has his documents folder pointing (right click my documents > properties > location tab) to a folder on a distant drive that is not all the time available. For instance, pointing the folder to Z: (\\orc-fs\temp) and then right clicking on Z to disconnect the drive. The application developers had better grasp this problem and display important error message to the users.This states a workaround to make sure, if you are using the IDE before setting this property.


{NativeApplication.nativeApplication.startAtLogin = true ;}

This ensures if user is using the debugger, or testing the file while developing. If not, it must install on the system, hence set the property to true. It works just as it did before, but you do not receive a frustrating error every time you test your application or constantly develop on it. This autostart runs the application when the user logins, and not when the computer is start.

If you want to stop an application from running automatically, you cannot just delete the code from your file, and recompile. You will see it still runs automatically. Just open the command prompt, type msconfig, click on the Startup tab, search your application, and uncheck it. It will not start automatically again.