Additional information for After Effects CC software and opportunities

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Can you please provide me information about After Effects CC? Can you provide me instructions on how to prepare and import images? Can you show me how to create layers? What about selecting and arranging layers? What are the available blending modes and layer styles? What are the camera, lights and points of interest? What is the valuable part of this in the software? What are the additional feature added in layers and properties for this software? Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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Additional information for After Effects CC software and opportunities



                 It consist of several panels that is project panel, timeline panel and composition panel. In this the project panel has acted as a bin to important images, video and footages.

                 Project panel is used in timeline panel where timing can adjusted by the user. The current time marker is displayed in the composition panel system.

                 The Adobe after effects has some features with other configuration softwares that is creating shapes defined by Bezier curves. Its import and manipulate image formats, filters and adjustments.

                 The adobe after effects capable of hiding layers or grouping them into pre compositions.

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