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Good day!

I am having a report tomorrow and I really need the experts help.

How do you add an animation to the PPT slides of presentations in 2010 PowerPoint?

I really need the steps ASAP. Thanks.

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 Hi Kaitlynedwards,

You can follow below steps to add animation in your 2010 Powerpoint.

1) To add slide transition / content transition type animation. Details are in below image.

2) To add some image / clip art downloaded from the web , you can choose below image.


Sophia Taj

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You can add animations by following these five simple steps:

  1. Click on the picture that you want to do animation on or you can add a picture if you don't have by clicking on insert then picture in the menu bar.
  2. Go to animations tab and open animations panel then go to add animation.
  3. Select on the animation type you will like
  4. Specify on how you want the animation to start, either On click, With previous or after previous 
  5. You can also add other options from the menu bar such as transition
  6. Preview the animation to see whether it does what you want and change if it does not.

Thank you.