Add fade out effect to my screensaver

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Hello expert, I am using Adobe flash CS6 and I am going to create screensaver using Flash CS6. I know how to create my screensaver, but I don’t know how to insert screensaver fade out. So I want to add fade out effect to my screensaver. Expert please give me the Code or html to insert it. Thanks. 

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Add fade out effect to my screensaver




I teach you how to create a fade-in and fadeout effects in Adobe Flash CS6.

Follow these steps:

1. Right click the first keyframe of the layer that containing your image or text then choose Create Motion Tween. You will notice that there is the new tween appeared and played moves to the end of the tween span.

2. Drag and drop the playhead back to the frame 1.

3. In the Property inspector's color effects section, click the alpha from the style drop-down list.

4. Set the alpha to 0 percent. (this will make your image or symbol become transparent)

5. Click the frame 24 in the timeline with the selection tool and select your symbol or image.

6. Repeat step 3 and 4 but change the alpha to 100 percent

7. Select the tween span.

8. Right click then select the Reverse keyframes.

9. Press enter to play into your work

Now that you have a fade-in/fadeout effect you may apply this to your screen saver by adding a new layer and insert the fade-in/fadeout layer and its all done.

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Add fade out effect to my screensaver


Hi Carole,

The fade in/out effect on flash CS6 can be achieved as follows

1. Open your flash file that needs to be applied the effect.

2. Convert to a symbol using Modify–>convert to symbol

3. Go to the first keyframe of the current layer right click on it and select Create Motion Tween

4. Grab the playhead and move it back to the first frame. Once its there then use the Selection tool to click on the new symbol once to select it.

5. In the property inspector under Color effects choose Alpha

6. Set the Alpha of the symbol instance to 0 using the slider

7. Click on frame 24 then with the selection tool click the symbol

8. In the property inspector use the slider to set the alpha to 100 and press enter. Then test the movie.

To fade out

9. Select the tween span that contains the fade-in created above

10. Right click anywhere in the selected frames to open the contextual menu then choose Reverse Keyframes and test the movie

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