Add custom combobox to Wavemaker

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Dear Friends,

Can anyone, please help me by telling me the step by step process of, how to manage and add custom combobox to Wavemaker on the dialog.


Anna W Brown

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Add custom combobox to Wavemaker


Well if you have an editable grid, and your editable column needs a ComboBox as an editor, follow this method:


  •   You need to add these two parameters to add a ComboBox:


Field name: Name of Grid’s field

Options: Array of strings as options for the ComboBox


  •   Method to set up a column:

As an example to add a ComboBox to a grid of employees to specify their manager, assuming that manager is a related table:

var data = this.managerLiveVariable.getData();

var options = [];

for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++)

   options.push(data[i].firstname + " " + data[i].lastname);

this.dojoGrid1.setColumnComboBoxOptions("manager", options);


To map this display value back to the original data value:

getManagerIdByName: function(inName) {
var data = this.managerLiveVariable.getData();
for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
   if (data[i].firstname + " " + data[i].lastname == inName) {
       return data[i].managerid;
   return 0;
dojoGrid1CellEditted: function(inSender, inValue, inRowIndex, inFieldName) {
   var rowData = this.dojoGrid1.getRow(inRowIndex);
   if (inFieldName == "manager") {
       var managerId = this.getManagerIdByName(inValue);
              "userid": rowData.userid,
              "manager": {"managerid": managerId}});


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