Videos are being blocked by Ad-Blocker on my browser

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Any concern please! I loved to watch TV programs online before going to sleep every night. Last night, when I opened my laptop to watch my favorite TV programs, this message appeared “The video you requested is being blocked by an ad-blocker on your browser”.

I have done various studies on how to fix the problem and one of the forums suggested to disable the ad—blocker option into my web browser. And so, I opened the Internet Explorer which is the web browser that I am using, Click Tools, selected the Manage Add-ons and disabled all the ad-blockers that were installed on it. Sadly, the suggestions didn’t work. How can I manage it? Thank you for your responses.

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Videos are being blocked by Ad-Blocker on my browser


Sometimes your virus guard is capable of blocking the ads on the page you are going to view.

I experienced the Norton and AVG. They got some ad blocking feature where it can block stuff based on a directory which they maintain. They provide it under the category safe search through Internet. To protect you from stuff like viruses, spam, spyware and specially stuff like these awful unwanted advertisements. The issue is they use a certain criterion such as image size, link where it goes to, videos, audio etc. So this can sometimes lead into false positives. I mean, it’s like, before you read the news paper, with a glance of look cutting down all the ads on it, and have the possibility of removing of story images and stuff. So it is some sort of thing like this. So do you use any stuff like Internet security suite or somewhat to safe navigating through Internet.

If you are hundred percent sure and double checked that you removed all the add-ons of add blockers installed on your browser, try to check your virus guard protection settings.

As you didn’t mention what version you are using for Internet Explorer, I would like to inform you that there is an inbuilt ad blocking feature called InPrivate in Internet Explorer version 8.

You can easily access it by using the keys CTRL + SHIFT + F.

When you press them you can get the InPrivate Filtering settings window.

This feature is capable of block elements which are appearing on web pages you are viewing.

Also you can go from the toolbar menu.

Tools -> InPrivate Filtering Settings.

You can choose the options.

Automatically block.

Choose content to block or allow (solution for your problem).

Off (I’m not recommending using this).

This feature is intended to block stuff like that somewhat can share your information. So online advertisements are one such a horrible thing. InPrivate can automatically detect the content which appears with high frequency on web pages that you are visit. So it learns to detect what are ads and what are not adds. The difference between them and the similar contents. Then it takes the actions accordingly.

There are Ad Lists maintained by people (ex DSL Reports) for reduce the internet traffic causing by these advertisements. So users can import this list reports in XML format and include into their browsers to get rid of unwanted ads which waste their time, waste their resources/ bandwidth etc.

Browser then blocked all the ads and ad providers on that list automatically. So I'm sure the site you are going to view to watch videos in this list. So only you have to do is adding an exception for this site. Don't try to disable the add-ons because it can lead you into big trouble. I mean the really unwanted ads also will start to display on your screen and make you into a huge mess. I prefer you to add an exception and not to disable.

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Videos are being blocked by Ad-Blocker on my browser


If you have a firewall installed in your computer like Norton or Avast firewall and see a symbol flash on your screen, try to disable it. They may be the one obstructing your site and the reason why you cannot access the site.

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