Access denied to some web pages

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I cannot log on to certain sites that I am a member of. 

Either I get "error 500, internal server error" or the login page just reloads with no error message, but I don't ever get logged in.

I don't have this problem with Mozilla, but I prefer EI.7. I am running Windows XP home.

Any help?

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Access denied to some web pages


Hi James Franklin,

Its easy to resolve this problem just follow my instructions and we will resolve your problem with some easy ways so what you have to know is that the error 500 is an error in the internal web server so the internal server make an error what we have to do to fix this problem is very easy

This error can only be resolved by fixes to the Web server software. It is not a client- problem.

if there is something wrong in your browser go to
Internet options
search in the list navigation
click show Simplified HTTP messages
Click apply

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Access denied to some web pages


You're unable to accessibility that specific website over the community simply because you're not authenticated compared to that certain website.

Any compliance body looks searches for how complete security include is made within a business. Many controls points may be proven within restricting use of resources. Whenever workflows are usually clearly created, It's mandatory in order to chalk out the specific specialist over company systems.

Second reason might be the software which you running on your computer restricts you to view that certain webpages. Check your security settings.

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