The new So. cl of Microsoft

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Microsoft Launches So. cl; and it looks completed like Google+. 

How it may help connecting with people better than Facebook?

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The new So. cl of Microsoft

qa-featured pronounced social site is being billed site for students for collaboration and information gathering.

Microsoft just calling it experimental research project and only making it available to students studying information and design at the University of Washington, Syracuse and New York.

So, is not meant to replace existing full-featured search and social networks. It is a experimental research project using a minimal set of features which help combine search with social networks for learning uses Facebook Authentication, which mean you use your Facebook account to login, and your name and profile picture from Facebook appear in

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The new So. cl of Microsoft

qa-featured or simply Socl is pronounced as social. There are lots of web bloggers, article writers, and some ordinary internet users who have different opinions about this new website from Microsoft. Some say that it is Microsoft’s own version of competing with social networking giants like Facebook and Google+ and they are quite right.

The site looks very similar to Pinterest where users share different pictures. It’s a new social networking site where users can share and express themselves by posting collections of images, links, and videos that usually found on the web. Just like in Facebook, every user has its own profile which is automatically created upon signing an account.

There are 2 ways to create an account, it’s either you sign in using your Microsoft account or your Facebook account. Unlike with other website where creating an account is done manually by entering details like name, password, and so on, here in Socl signing up for an account means signing in using an already available account from either of the 2 websites already mentioned. To create an account visit Socl.

A screenshot of some of the posts on the site

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The new So. cl of Microsoft


Awesome Guys!

Your comments were excellent, and I was filled with joy when I found my expected answer from your comments.

I had knowledge about other social sites except Socl. Going through your comments I now know that Socl is a social site that lets me create, collect and share stuff I love which targeted students for the purpose of learning.

I think it is not bad just like, Facebook and Google+.

Thanks guys, I accepted all of your comments especially from Sharath for having brilliant ideas about the Socl and giving a lot of information on how this new website works.

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