60hz Versus 120hz. Worth The Price Or Not?

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I am in the market for a new tv and i have a lot of questions. The main one i have is which is better to have, 1080p with a 60Hz frame rate, or a higher frame rate with 720p and a 120Hz frame rate. The main reason i am asking this is i want to know if the 1080p will be able to keep up with a lower frame rate. It is a bit more expensive and this is a lot of money so I wanted to know if the tv could keep up.


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A matter of preference would also play a role in choosing a TV. The size of the screen and how far would be your distance from the TV while watching. You might feel an overwhelming clarity of the images if you are watching too near and with higher specs. If viewing on a lower rate/specs are just fine for you and you don't mind the difference from the higher specs of a TV. Then you might consider the lower specs. However, if the price of the brand you would like to choose has a little difference with the higher specification. then you might change your perspective and prefer the higher specs. Just take note, the quality of the source signal also plays a big role. Sources like analog cassette players like VHS and the like, Broadcasters like NBC, HBO, etc. They use different specs also. Lastly, try to view and watch a sports clip on both specs at the dealer before you make a decision.

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