Where to find in the internet the acc craftsman rohan guide?

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Hello experts,

Where to find in the internet the ACC craftsman rohan guide? I want to read all the craftsman rohan guide specifications and power capability, I am an online and offline gamer and fun of using some cool skills and building powerful characters online. I hope there are some gamers that is willing to help me.

Thank you.

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Where to find in the internet the acc craftsman rohan guide?



Gamers of Rohan online provides guide on craftsman rohan characters and skills. Try visiting these forums where a lot of offline and online gamers are exchanging ways to keep and upgrade cool skills. I know that you will get through the thread since the topics will catch your attention. Please find it here:

Or you may do the following:

  • Find Crafting Studio and Talk to NPC  “Kacie” expert producer.
  • Choose I want to learn how to produce accessories.
  • In Crafting Studio Talk to “Panda” Artisan Supplies Shop Owner.
  • Buy “Production” Equips.
  • Talk to NPC “Link” and buy accessory craftsman blueprint.
  • Double click blueprint then click “confirm” to learn crafting skills.
  • Look into the displayed materials.
  • In Crafting Studio Find “Accessory Workbench”.
  • Blueprint List will be displayed. Choose the blueprint you wish to craft.

(Remember two categories of crafter – Accessory and Enhancer Stone) In each category, you may view what you could craft from Grade E to Grade A.

After selecting what to craft. Tab will be viewed with the item details that you will do/you need to have and an inventory of what you have:

Click on “Start Crafting” wait until prompts “Crafting Complete”.

After completing, Crafted item will immediately go to Inventory bag. Ready to be used and enhanced.

There it goes. Try it! Crafting level increases each time you craft an item. You can get Crafting materials from collecting gems and extracting ancient and enchanted equips. Go start crafting.

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