3G or wireless home network?

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My question is will my iPhone automatically connect to my wireless home network? For example, if I have turned on the 3G connection on my iPhone while I am currently connected to my home network, will my iPhone automatically use my wireless connection at home instead of the 3G connection?

Will my iPhone automatically connects to my wireless connection at home if both my home network connection and 3G are turned on? I thought maybe I could get some help from you guys by answering my questions.

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3G or wireless home network?

Yes your iPhone will automatically use your wireless connection at home instead of the 3G connection.
It will prefer WiFi by default if you have that radio on, and attempt to automatically connect to any "known" networks to which you've previously connected. If no known networks are present, it will ask you whether you wish to connect to any other WiFi access points in range.
Only after all of these fail (it can't connect to anything, or you've asked it not to do so) will it default to 3G. You can always tell by glancing at the status bar at the top of your screen. The upper-left column will read either "3G" or show the usual WiFi symbol to indicate the type of your connection. I have included a photo showing the status bar for WiFi connection and 3G connection.
So even if you have the 3G enable if your WiFi is on it will connect automatically to the WiFi network. But it would be best if you turned off your 3G connection to avoid data charges.

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