2008 R 2 Replication Errors

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Hi experts

We are the admin of a 2008 R2 multi-site single domain and are facing some problems with replication. We also have an IPSEC tunnel over a WAN dividing the positions all on divide subsets.

In the mid position, there are two domain controllers (DC1 & DC2) and they can repeat very well. When I make StoreDC1, it was made in the mid position and was repeating fine.

When it was shifted to site, the forwarders were set up properly, the inferior DNS was place to DC1 and DNS on both sides decides the new, right IP addresses. I cannot prove if there has been any outbound duplication since the server was got online on site, but I can prove that there has been a few inbound.

The difficulty seemed to happen with the number of time the tunnel was downward before the servers were contacting each other. It was about two months.

Something that places out to me is the error message I find when UNC browsing to DC1 from StoreDC1. I find "Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect". UNC browsing to StoreDC1 from DC1 works well.

From DC1, when running Repadmin; it confirms no fails to the replication associates. When you try to run the similar command from StoreDC1, you will get "Experienced the following operational errors trying to retrieve replication information:
8341 – DC1.Domain.local
8341 – DC2.Domain.local"

When I am running Repadmin /showrepl *, I find the same error messages from both DC1 and StoreDC "The target principal name is incorrect" and "***WARNING: KCC could not add this REPLICA LINK due to error".
Please give me a solution. Thanks in advance.


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2008 R 2 Replication Errors




The problem seems that your domain is not working properly so first fix that.

The reason why your domain is not working properly check you domain if you have installed yourself a domain then you will find the solution of that and if not then contact the domain service provider from whom you have purchase the domain and installed that domain. He will set your domain and your all functionality will work I cannot tell you how to set the domain this is because I don’t have seen your domain but the best option is contact your service provider and ask him to put the domain on right path. Hope this solution will solve your problem.

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2008 R 2 Replication Errors


Hi Jazz,

The error "Logon Failure: The target account name is incorrect" occurs when two computers have the same name. The first computer which is the child domain and the other as the parent domain. If this is the case, rename one of them or remove the computer with the parent domain.  Another possible reason for this is, if the SPN for the domain that hosts the replica is not reproducing to the domain that has the account when you start Dcpromo.exe. In this case, you have to wait for the replication to complete. And then use the domain admin account that has the domain with new replicas. Also, ensure that the entire domain controllers under the root domain have been replicated. And then make the replicas using the root domain admin account. You can use the Replmon.exe or Repadmin.exe tools for force replication. This error may also be due to DNS. Fix your DNS by running netdiag -v from the command prompt. It will create a netdiag.log file under the same directory where Netdiag is.

I hope you get the idea…

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