1714 Error For Lotus – MSICUU.exe

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On my laptop which has specifications like Windows XP Pro SP 2, I was about to upgrade Lotus Notes to Version 6.5.1. During the updating process it results with unfamiliar error message, i.e,

“Error 1714: The older version of Lotus Notes 6.0.2 cannot be removed" 

Now I’m puzzled what to do next as I am unable to uninstall either version nor can install one of its. The only thing I can do is to stare at the screen.

During the search over the web, I ended up with the miscue utility program. After installing this utility it confronts me with 3 items, namely, Microsoft Installer, MS Office 2000 and Webflds. Though, I didn’t get anything like Lotus Notes or related to it in order to clean up the mess.

However, I decided to go with Microsoft Installer so I double clicked it but nothing got fixed after it. The issue remains the same, even restarting the system for a couple of times results in blank. Though, as I run the miscue utility for the second time, I merely found two entries in it as I’ve used Microsoft Installer.

Regardless of the storyline though once in previous days I had this issue on my own personal system. However I was done with it by simply formatting up the hard drive and installing everything back brings me to the ultimate fine version. But for now, I’ve got a client’s laptop, I can’t format it. I merely want a pure plain solution to get done with it once for all.

I’m looking for a method to find out the Installation database, usually miscue software has got. Or can you people please suggest me a technique via which I can bring back Windows and software it’s error-free stage? Or anyone with high level of expertise or certified technician can get me out of this crisis?


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1714 Error For Lotus – MSICUU.exe


Hi Halleleilani2,

This issue occurs because of invalid or damaged registry. Then you must repair it using registry cleaners. You may download it here:

Another way is for the advanced user to manually edit your registry, click Start>Run type regedit and find and delete this registry:



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1714 Error For Lotus – MSICUU.exe



This problem may be following reason

1. Some windows service may run with Lotus Notes software. So before uninstall Lotus Notes, please stop Windows Service with Lotus Notes. To Stop Windows Service, follow the following steps:

a. Right click My Computer icon

b. Select 'Manage'

c. Select 'Services and Application'

d. Select ' Services'

e. Now you can see services list.  Then Double Click Lotus Notes Software Service.

f. Please click stop Windows Service (do not disable any Windows Service)

g. Now you can uninstall Lotus Software

2. Damaged Registry. So now we want to Registry cleaner Software. I recommend CCleaner Software. Click following link. Then Download the software and install it: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

 a. I think it is very easy to install software.

b. Run CCleaner Software then Select tools (Left side third button)

c. Now you can see Install software list in your computer

d. Select software that you want to Uninstall

e. Click Uninstall button

f. Then Click Cleaner button (Left side first button)

g. Click analyze button after few minutes Click Run Cleaner Button

h. Then Click Save button and save your registry files before Clean Registry


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