11 servers using 2003 domain and 2008 member servers

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Hi all, I have an office with 11 servers using 2003 domain and 2008 member servers.

Nearly all the deskptop sand laptops are running accompanied by  windows 7 pro here and there. The one 2003 server we do have seems to block all the PCs from gaining access to it.

Then adding in the dhcp for this ip address, if it is given a new IP address it will connect fine. I have uninstalled the av software and the firewall has been successful deactivated.  This one has got me stumped. 

Any help please?

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11 servers using 2003 domain and 2008 member servers



Those computers you have that are running on Windows 7 Professional that were seem to be blocked by your Windows Server 2003 need to be checked not only the server. Try deactivating the firewall of the Windows Server 2003 and see if one of your machines can connect to it. If it’s still the same, keep the firewall of the server deactivated and then deactivate one of the computers’ firewall then try connecting it to the server. See what happens after this.

If still nothing happened, try also disabling the computer’s antivirus then connect it again to the server. If the server is still running with its antivirus still ON, try temporarily disabling it then establish a connection again with the computer. If both the computer’s and the server’s firewall and antivirus were deactivated and still nothing happened, using the same computer, try to ping the server to verify your connection. If you cannot ping the server then it’s clear that you have a network problem. You just need to fix the connection and try again.

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