10 MB left in computer and cannot uninstall

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Hello Everyone, 

I hope you can help me with my recent problem in my computer.

Well,  I just noticed that my memory has dropped from 800MB to 15MB.

I am the only one using the computer so I am clueless as to how this happened.

I already attempted to uninstall a couple of programs that I do not need but an error message always pops-up in my screen, saying "Cannot open uninstall application. Not enough space."

How can I create enough space when I cannot uninstall programs?

Is there some other way that I can possibly do?

It's really a big trouble for me.

I would appreciate your immediate response.

Thank you.

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10 MB left in computer and cannot uninstall


Hello Rhon.

Here are my suggestions for freeing up enough hard drive space for you to be able to uninstall programs:

1. Empty the Recycle Bin, temporary files, and Internet cache of all your browsers. I would recommend Ccleaner, but I doubt you will be able to install it either. To clean up temporary files press Windows logo + R key to bring up the Run dialog. Type "%temp%" (without the quotes) and press enter. Your temporary folder will be presented to you and now you can delete its contents.

2. Turn off hibernate. If your computer's hibernate mode is enabled, it will create a file hiberfil.sys on your boot drive. The size of hiberfil.sys is approximately the same as your system RAM.

3. Turn of paging temporarily or transfer it to another drive or partition. This will remove pagefile.sys from your boot drive whose size could be anywhere from 1 to 3 GB.

Hope this helps!

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