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Category: Mobile Hardware

Hi everyone,

Can you please help me on sending a picture message  from my computer to my cell phone, since I lost my phone's USB cable and my PC doesn't have a Bluetooth?

I need the picture badly to be transferred on my phone.

Hope you help me out.



Category: iPhone

Hi everyone,

My iPhone got soaked in water and its wet. Can anyone give me some advice to save it from getting damaged?


Category: iPhone

Hi all,

I have an apple iPhone 4 and I don't know how to watch live TV.

Is it possible to watch TV live in an iPhone? Can you help me know, how to watch TV? I saw my neighbour watching TV in her iPhone, but I'm afraid to ask her how ?

Please  help me watch TV on my phone.

Thank you.

Hello folks,

My Dell laptop Inspiron 1545's speakers stopped working. Last week when I planned to watch a movie in my laptop, I found  that there was no sound coming from the speakers. I thought the movie itself had no sound or maybe it was on mute. But it was not. I  tried playing music and playing games but there is no sound coming from the speaker.

What seems to be the problem with my laptop? Will someone help me ASAP? I am getting frustrated, I can't chat with my friends without using a headset.

Thanks bros.

Category: Internet

Hello friends,

Please help me. My PC can't connect to the internet, even though I put the cables in the port of the hub and PC properly.

What I am going to do? Is the hub broken and will have to replace with a new one?

Or the Internet Service Provider has a problem?

But the PC on my brother's room has an internet and doing well.