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I have an Excel with columns for Name, Address, and contact number of a person. I want this data to be transferred in Microsoft Access because I am making a program that will handle all this data and I’m using MS Access as the back end. Can someone guide me on how to import or transfer data from Excel to Access without manual encoding?

Category: Windows XP

I am using Windows XP and sometimes when I’m using a certain application like Microsoft Access or sometimes an online game it takes too long to load that will lead to an unresponsive program, it says Windows program stop responding. Is my program or application corrupted? What do I get this error?

Category: Internet

I have some video which I thought was an MP4 file. But it shows no extension and when I opened it, my computer asked me to which program I will open the file. So I decided to add a.mp4 file extension into it and the ison changed to default program from where it will be use. Is it safe to rename or modify the file extension of a specific file? Will it damage or corrupt the file?

Category: Windows 98

Yesterday when I open my computer I got the Blue Screen of Death in normal start up. So I try to start it on safe mode but an error occurred saying “himem. sys has detected unreliable XMS memory at address 02C02CO2 XMS Driver not installed”.

What kind of error related to himem. sys?

Category: Windows 98

My computer has this file and I don’t even know what it is. I begin to suspect this file when I found out that its file size is getting bigger. I tried running an anti-virus and anti-spyware software but nothing was detected on my computer.

What kind of file is this? and why it is in my computer?