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Category: iPad


Every time I search in Google photos it says there are no results. Is there any problem with my iPad? Thanks

Category: iPad


I updated newer 5.1 versions into my iPad 2.

But problem is I am failing to get into my apps.

How can I fix this problem?

Category: Internet

Hello there,

I have Facebook and G+ Account. I have different kind of Circles in G+. Sometimes I find something special or funny or interesting in G+ which I want to share with my Facebook friends. The reason is most of my Facebook friends don’t use G+. Is there any way to share like this? 

When we save a page in Microsoft FrontPage, it saves in html format by default.

But I want to save in html format by default every time if I create a page and save.

How can I change the default file type?

Category: Anti-Virus

How can I understand that I have virus in my computer if I don’t use any antivirus software?

Category: Misc Hardware

How can I check out is there any bad sector in my computer’s Hard Disk?

Category: Networking

I can’t use the internet on my LG Optimus phone.

Whenever I go to the browser and choose a particular site on my bookmarks,it will load first then it will restart the phone.

Is that a sign that I have a virus on my phone?

Category: Hard Drives

The hard disk drive that I am using is producing a loud noise that sound like a chirping noise.

How can I fix it without having to pull it on the CPU?

Category: Exchange Server

I need to set up my working email address in my iPhone. However, when I try to do this, it asks a server name. I am using webmail and the internet, but I do not know the server name. Furthermore, I have no idea how to find the server name. I have only a webmail interface. Not any outlook or windows mail. I need your kind advice to solve this problem.

Category: MS Word

Accuracy is very significant thing in writing. False information bears a bad side. How should someone check spelling?