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Category: Windows 2008

This is about Windows 2008/SQL 2008 Cluster. We have evicted a Node from our cluster using Failover Cluster Management. Nothing was removed from the Node but we want to add the Node back into the cluster. What do we need to do from a Windows/SQL point? What’s the process of adding the Node back into the cluster?

Category: Firewalls

Can someone cite the steps in configuring firewall in Microsoft XP, and addition; I want to block all the ports which are not required and important.

Category: MS Access


I have created the following:

1 Form created in VB2008

3 Textbox [Name(string), Company(string), Contact(number)] 3 Buttons [New Record, Update Record, Delete Record]

2 Database created in MS Access 2003

File Name: Information.mbd

Fields: ID [Primary key] Name [Text] Company [Text] Contact [Number]

How to create connection? How to get data on form load from database in Textboxes? How to insert, update, delete data? Please provide information as I am not able to get any simplest way to understand these questions.

Thanks in advance

Category: Printers

Why does my PC say that I need to refill ink when I just refilled? I have an HP color inkjet printer. No clue on the manual.

Is there any problem to use both of the email services?

I am using Windows 7 and installed MS Outlook 2010 and Windows Mail. Is there any problem to use both of the email services? My Windows Live mail is working properly but MS Outlook gives problems. I will be thankful for your help to get out of this problem.

Category: Apple Desktop


It is my very first time to post in this message board and I think this could be my final destination as I am unable to determine this problem which I am obtaining. My problem is regarding QuarkXPress Edition: 8.16.2 as well as the error that I constantly get once I start running it.

I got this error "QuarkXpress quit unexpectedly." On my new i7 iMac 27” with OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.4. At first, before I used to add a couple of print styles in my archives after losing the "metaplus" typeface collection, almost everything is functioning great. The Quark begun properly and I was able to make the Quark data available.