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Category: Firefox

I have attempted to uninstall the DownloadAccelerator Plus, Speedbit and Babylon on my computer.

When I restarted my pc, I can no longer use Mozilla Firefox as my browser although Internet Explorer 9 works perfectly.

Firefox gives two errors:

There was a problem starting msizpa32.dll" and The specified module could not be found".

Removing those applications may have caused this problem, it might have included a certain file also being used by Firefox.

I need help in fixing this issue without installing those applications back again.

Category: LCD & Plasma

I have a problem with my monitor now, it has a black spot and it seems to bigger and bigger particularly when its start to become hot. What should I have to do?

Category: Networking

What is the meaning of DNS and why and when is it used? I know this name is used very widely. That is why , I wanted to 

know the detail about it. Please explain.

Category: MS Word

I want a wordpress theme for my website but I don't know where to buy the best themes.Please suggest me some websites where I can download some best wordpress themes.

Category: Windows XP

I am using windows xp and my drivers that I am using is pretty old. That is why, I want to update the drivers of my pc, especially

the video drivers.But , I don't know how to update the drivers of my pc. Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks.

Category: Desktops

I am using a desktop pc with Samsung monitor . I am having a problem that my monitor is showing lines which is pink in

colour through out  the monitor.Why is this happening? And how can I solve the problem?

Category: Misc Security

Is there any problem of using two firewalls on my computer at the same time?

Category: Internet

I have a website and I want to increase the number of visitors on my website. I have heard about some process

called as SEO and SEM but I don't know what are these. If anybody could explain these and also the useful method to

increase visitors. I would be very happy. Thanks.

I wanted to see the source code of a web page but I don't know that even if it is possible. I have heard that it is possible in.

Some browser. If you could help me by providing me with the browser name and also the process of viewing the source code.

I would really appreciate a lot.


Category: Web Marketing

I wanted to advertise my website on a certain forum by backlinking it. But I don't know how to do it.Can anyone help me do that?