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Category: Internet

I am using internet through mobile and I am having problem with it as it is very slow. Is there any way to make it perform faster.

I am really fed up. Please help.

Category: Hardware

Why can't I send any email through my laptop? I am using ACER laptop. I am having this problem from few days. Do you guys know how to solve this problem?

What is a proxy site and where is it used? How can I use one proxy site? I have heard that the proxy site is used often to 

hide one's IP.Is it true? Please help me by providing the answer.

What permissions do you require whenever you want  to move a file and  copy a file?

I wanted to know all the functions of keys which are called function keys as F!

Through F12.

What are the functions of each key?

I use laptop of ACER company but whenever I use my laptop for long durations, it becomes hot.

Is it normal for my adaptor to become hot or is it malfunctioning.As I still have warranty left,if the problem is found then

I can exchange it.

Category: Windows XP

Can I fix illegal operations that is running in background in windows XP as it makes my computer very slow. I tried by using task manager but its of no use.

Category: Windows XP

Is there any way to reset the default volume in windows XP. I changed the default properties and

I am having problem with using it as the sound quality is really poor.

Category: PCs


I am having some trouble with the deleting process. Each time I try to send something to the recycle bin it just shows permanently delete message. I do not know to undo these settings and need some assistance for this.

Should someone know the method for this please kindly reply.

Christian Briggs


Delete File

Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file?

New Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet.xlsx
Type:Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet
Size: 9.04 kb
Date modified: 3/9/2012 1:40 PM

Category: Memory / RAM


I need to now the ram size appropriate for my graphics card which is shown in the picture below. Just for information my desktop processor is intel core i5. I need to know  what size of ram is appropriate for this graphics card. Please kindly assist me to solve this problem.

Christian Brigg