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Category: Pascal

When compiling 'portw' in freePascal for DOS, where can I get a list of the files that I need to include in compiling?

Category: Apple Software

I get a warning when attempting to download using Software Update, what should I do?

Category: Windows Vista

How do I install my Windows vista without using XP on the Hard drive?

Or is that even possible?

Category: JavaScript

I have created a scrolling news line using "marquee". When I hover mouse over scrolling text, the text is not stopping.

I want it stop when mouse is placed on scrolling line. What is the way to do it?

Category: iPhone

My HTCTouch Pro 2 has 10 years calendar entries. Using Active sync I previously sync it with outlook. I bought an iPhone 4 and I want the calendar over to it but it is not working I don’t know why. Can anyone fix it?

Category: Internet


Has anyone encountered video downloading problems like I do? Whenever I download videos in video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or the like, it would start its normal download but stops playing after a few moments though the download still continues. I tried doing it in other videos thinking that maybe the video itself is the problem yet I still got the same result. Could somebody please help me with this?


Category: Networking

I am doing a project that need to add multiple bins Avid ProRes 444 AMA material. But recently, I am receiving a “Serious error” message for numerous times now. Does anyone here who has the same issue as mine? Why is it so? How can I resolve it?