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Category: Visual basic

Hi techyv,

Is it possible to run visual basic 6.0 and visual on one computer at the same time?


Category: MS Excel

Good day guys,

How can I add PDF files to excel files? Can you teach me the procedures on how doing it?

Waiting for your answer. Thanks techyv.

Category: Misc Databases

Hi Guys,

What is flowchart? Can you give me some examples of flowchart that can be used in general programming?


Category: Windows 7

I am using Windows 7.

How do I protect my files by putting a password in my files and folder?

Can you show me how doing it?

Category: Java

What is the function of JFrame in Java and how to declare JFrames? Can you give example of it? Thanks

Category: Internet

Why do people use blog? Is it true that I can earn through blogging? If yes,

How can people makes money by blogging? I want to learn about it too.

Category: Visual basic

I'm using windows 7. I installed visual basic 6.0 in my laptop but I can't drag the object to the form faster.

The movement of the mouse is smooth. I try using VB6.0 in another laptop with windows XP O.S. and it works normally.

Why VB6.0 is slow in windows 7 but can run normally in windows XP and what will I do to speed it up when I want to use windows 7 as my O.S.?

Category: Misc Security

While downloading Malwarebytes, I got an error message saying: “Program error load resource: (0.53) report this error code to our support team. ” I just clicked the OK button because it did not further tell me on how to submit the error to their support team, and it finished the installation successfully.

But I got the same error message when I tried to run my newly installed antivirus. I downloaded and installed the free version of Malwarebytes with my Windows XP computer. And also, I am using Mozilla Firefox when downloading Malwarebytes in my Dell 3000 laptop. Please help me figure out what is wrong with my installation.