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How can I change the opacity of the image using HTML?

Can you give me some reference on how to change images opacity?



What is affiliate and referral marketing in e-commerce and how do they differ from each other?

How can entrepreneur earn money through referrals and affiliates?


Category: C++

Hi Bro,

How can I open C++ program using DOS?

Can you show me the procedures regarding this?


Category: HTTP Sharing

Why should a web address always have to start with www. https://? What does www and https mean?

Where can I buy cheap laptop having a good specification and quality, what is its brand and what is the best season to buy it?

Category: Suggestions

Do you think is it nice to add chat widget to so we can ask live question and can communicate with other techyv user?

In that way, we can get the answers to our question more conveniently and it can make techyv website looks better.


I am reviewing for my basic hardware and software exam. I need to pass it to be able to work as a technical support for a certain company.

I searched the internet and encounter the word "Resource Conflict". What is a resource conflict during POST and what are the possible solution to fix this problem? I have no idea about it. Can you help me have some?


Category: Virtualization

I have a Windows 7 64-Bit as my Operating System and I have just installed Daemon Tools Lite Free License in my computer. After it completed the installation process, I could not find the file at all. It is not in the system tray and I could not find it anywhere. How could I find it where? It’s so erratic that the file is missing just right after it is being installed. I already have tried re-installing it for so many times but I still could not locate where the file goes. Could you help me?