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Hi friend,

How can I add background image to a webpage using CSS? Can you give me some sample codes on how to insert background image to a webpage? Thanks.

Category: Web

Good day,

Just want to know more about Internet. What exactly is the Internet and who Invented it? Who discover internet connection and how does it work? Thanks experts.

Category: Misc Hardware

Good day friends,

I was wondering how does personal computer and desktop computer differ from each other?

Are they the same or not?


I have blog at Blogger and I want to change the design of my template. Can I customize the template of my blog? What if I want to add CSS code on it does CSS language works on Blogger?

Category: Desktops

What is the oldest brand of computer and what is its specification? Can you show me some images of it?

Which to choose JPEG or GIF in a website's graphic?

What are the advantage and disadvantage of choosing either JPEG or GIF images in creating a website?

Category: Java

I am having trouble declaring arrays in java. I don't know what is the code or syntax that can be use in declaring arrays. Please, teach me about arrays in java and how to code it. thanks

Category: Hardware

I got a medium risk error with Clone CD. It also said that the Clone CD is not compatible with the CD writer. When I started to write file on a CD, it worked fine at first. Then after writing several files, this “Medium Risk Error” popped up and writing did not even finish. I’ve tried it using four different CD’s already but all is just wasted. Then when the incompatibility error appears, the computer needs to be restarted before the CD is accepted by the Clone CD. I’m so confused now. Please help me how to fix this.