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Good day friend,

I have question regarding server scripting and browser scripting?

What is server and browser scripting and how does they differ from each other?


Category: Internet


I was wondering why should I be concerned if some company know what pages I went to? They don't know who am I, anyway?

Can you give me some explanation about it?


Category: Web


I created two FaceBook account.

Can I open those two FaceBook account at the same time with the same browser?


What exactly is FBML- facebook markup language and how does it work? Can you show me some examples of FBML codes? Where can I put those codes to test if they are working?

How to move user in active directory console from one OU to another? I need a little help with this.


How can I insert a line break in formatting html paragraph?

I am confuse in using the <BR>, <PRE>, and & nbps tagline in html.

Can you help me differentiate their function?


Category: Visual basic

How can I add data report in visual basic 6.0 and how can I make the data in my database appear in the data report by clicking a command button ? Can you give me simplest procedure on how to do this and what will be the codes that I am going to use? I'll be using it in my thesis project, Please help me have an idea on how to do this.


I got a problem using Todo Backup as my backup for my new virtual PC. I tried converting some JPEG files to VHD and at the same time I wanted to use it as my HDD and boot my virtual PC from there. But I am getting an error saying: “A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart." I got messed up now I do not know what to do with this error. Please help me with this. I really wanted to shift from my real PC to my virtual PC but this message has kept me from doing it. How can I get rid of this error?

Category: Mobile Browsers

Hi Team,

I got browser error message when attempt to download clusterware software. After click error I got ‘null’ is null or not an object.
I got same problem again and again after trying in various browsers and PC’s.

Thanks in Advance