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Category: iPhone

I've seen in the news that Apple came up with their new design of their up coming iPhone 5. Visually, it looks very cool but still I have some queries such as;

1. will the design really came out as transparent?

2. how durable it is?

3. will it have other color?

4. how good will be the specks of the phone?

5. is it user friendly?

6. how long will the unit last for a standard user?

7. when will it be available to Philippines?

8. how much will be the price?

Category: Windows OS

I heard that Microsoft presented their newest OS Windows 8 to the public last May 31 and many people are complaining about its convenience for using. I just wondering if this OS will be suitable for those people who are living in those developing countries wherein literacy is somewhat impaired? The maker of the newest Windows 8 says that he really wanted to use it himself, but he doesn't really know when will it be formally introduce to the large group of technology enthusiasts.

Will he be thinking of selling it to other companies to make it better?