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Category: Apple OS

Apple’s new Mac Book Pro Retina display laptop is going to release soon. Last year with iOS 5, a major upgrade was made. I want to know how the new iOS 6 differs from iOS 5.

Is this going to be almost the same with just a little bit of change? How much change does the new software has?


As we know Windows 8 is going to be the next generation for application development so cloud OS is going to be the next big thing in the technology world. Windows Azure and Windows Server 2012 are working together as the cloud OS. What new features are going to be introduced in this new system?

Can we think as a beginning of a new era?  

Category: Ubuntu Linux

Hello. I was running install.php for Moodle 2.2.3. After I enter the database info, I get a fatal error.

The message is:

Out of memory (allocated 8912896) (tried to allocate 88634 bytes) in /homepages/38/d260013955/htdocs/onlineschoolbus/moodle/lib/outputlib.php on line 626

I am using Linux OS and MySQL 5 and Apache 5.4.3 . I would be much grateful if you could help me.

Category: Misc Software

Hello, I use Dell inspiron 15. I was trying to install HP Officejet 7200 series all in one software in my laptop.

After putting the disk the installation starts. But after sometime it says that it cannot install because the user is not the administrator.

But I am the only user of my laptop and the account has all the administrative rights.

I have restarted the system but same problem occurs.

Please help me.