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Category: PC Laptops

I've heard that Maingear will start shipping pulse 11 this week, with it's 11 inch screen? Don't you think the screen would be too little with the resolution of 1366 x 768? If it's worth it for gaming, when do you think will it be released in some parts of the world, like the Philippines?

Category: Mobile Browsers

I've heard that the blue dot innovator of the google maps, made it even better wherein you'll be located wherever you are even if you are walking inside a building or something. Does it mean that it would also be better in places like the Philippines? Or does it only apply to places like United States? Right now it sucks, some of the streets and establishments doesn't even come up.

Category: iPhone

Are iphones easier to get now, since most of the phone networks are already in on it?

Would it be cool if I'll get the new iphone 4s now? Will I get it in prepaid or postpaid?

Category: Windows Tablet

Does the new windows 8 OS work well in ordinary PCs?
It seems like it's only compatible with tabs or touch-screened PCs by just looking at its interface alone.