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Category: Internet

Good morning there everyone..!

I have read an article about this so called Google Play..

It stated there that this is somehow involves on the mobile applications but Im not quite sure about it..

Could anybody please tell me what Google Play is all about..?

What is the aim of Google for creating this one..?

Category: Internet

Hi there everyone,

I wanted to ask your help on this matter if you don't mind. I want to change my password on Facebook but I don't know how.

What are the steps in changing the password?

I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you so much guys.

Hi there!

I have here a set of images ready for editing but I don't have a software for it.

Could anybody tell me where can I download Adobe Photoshop Portable?

I really need it ASAP. 

Help would be really appreciated. 


Category: Visual basic

Hello there guys!

I've been currently making a Visual Basic program.

In my Order Slip Entry part, every time I add up new details on the Flex Grid,

It only adds up on the first row only.

What would be the cause to this?

Good day everyone.

I'm having a project and its a technology idea proposal. The technology that me and my team came up is somehow related to touch screen technology. I need some experts to explain me the concepts of touch screen gadgets.

Are the concepts the same in Touch screen mobile phones?

I really need some help right now. I've been assigned by my boss to do some editing on some images. Since I don't have an Adobe Photoshop installed in my laptop, I searched on the Internet and downloaded the Portable. After a few minutes of editing one picture, a message appeared saying that I could not save the file.

Is there a missing file on the Portable making it unable to save?

Category: Hard Drives

Hello guys!

I don't have enough knowledge on using computers so I came here to ask your help.

How can I determine the internal memory of my harddisk?

Category: Netscape Email

Hello everyone! Please help me out with my problem.

When I try to apply an attach pack (FP) or a cumulative client Hotfix (CCH) to Lotus Notes on USB, I get the following error:


The Lotus Notes registry key does not specify the correct location of Lotus Notes.

Please check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Lotus\Notes\Path\8.0

Category: Lotus Notes

I have been using Lotus Notes as my primary user-interface software as it is very easy to use and I have grown quite familiar with it. However, now that I have started to use SharePoint 2010, I have no idea how to integrate my Calendar with Lotus Notes.

I want these two tools to be linked together in such a way that whenever I add something in my SharePoint Calendar, the same entry will automatically appear in my Lotus Notes Calendar as well.

Please help me out because I need this to help me organize my stuff. I would really appreciate it if you can show me how to do this through a short video tutorial. Thank you very much, and cheers! 

Category: Networking

I need help with some issues I am encountering related to connectivity library. Do you have an idea on how to solve the problem such as missing connectivity library and unable to initialize connectivity library? Thank you in advance.