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Category: General

Hi.  Is there a way I can remotely delete files on my Samsung using a script?  I have an 8 GB Samsung Galaxy Grand I9080 that has a Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU, Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU and Android Jelly Bean.  I need a remove script Smartphone.

Hello experts,

I would like to know how to upgrade Easy DVD Rip 2.23 to the latest version (easy DVD rip 3.0.5) without losing my configuration and my key registration.
Thank you all.
Category: Suggestions

Every time I backup my SMS on my Samsung phone using Samsung Kies, I always get a sme file. What sme file in Samsung? Can I open sme files? If so, what program should I use? Please give me a link for that program, thank you.

Category: Mobile Software

I regularly backup my Samsung phone using Samsung Kies. Whenever I do this, the program creates sme file. I have to backup my phone several times and saved the sme files. I want to know what sme file in Samsung is comprised of and if sme files could be open with any program that you could suggest.

I want to download mobile TV for Samsung wave 2. Can you give me the website and how to install it? 

Hi all,

When I tried to set up office 2010 I found this error message-

I need to solve it. Please help me.


Category: Misc Software


I downloaded MSU from motorola support pages, but when I try to install it, I get an error message.

I tried googling it, but no help there.

I tried changing it using 'msiexec /qb', but that didn't help either.

My version is Motorola_Software_Update_01.11.84_PROD.

Thanks in advance.

How to send data to traditional SAP systems and dual? How could I identify that the legacy data  is working  on the SAP server? Anyone help?

Category: Windows 7

Hi Techyv,

My system has of late been on some sort of a fault.

It cannot submit an error message when I try to submit an error message, and instead it returns an “error: Dell Dock” which keeps appearing on the screen.

What could be the problem with my system?

My Droid Pro2 phone is not playing any ringing tones and notification sounds; even if the sound settings are all okay and the volume is set to very high. I also checked on the Profile settings but it has still no sounds. Can anyone help please?